Do you consider yourself a real care giver?

Do you consider yourself a real care giver?

I went to nursing school not entirely by choice. My parents suggested it and when I was in the University to enroll I was a bit lost so I took my parents suggestion and went for it. I love science that’s all I know then. As I did my clinical I started to enjoy it but I wasn’t aware why i was developing passion for it.

As I went on in my career as a young nurse, I was hungry for the technical part of nursing. Cardiovascular nursing was exciting. I learned how to take care of extremely sick people with different kinds of machine involving their heart, kidneys, etc. I spend 26 years in Stanford cardiovascular Intensive care and I loved every moment then I started to realize the need for nursing has changed. We are becoming more of a technician, pleasing families who were angry because they realize that their family are acutely sick and didn’t even know it. I stepped back for awhile realizing that I love the challenges but this is not what I went to nursing for.

Then I found myself taking care of seniors. Listening to them, giving them advise how to choose a walker, helping them with their activities of daily living even cleaning their yards, laundry, etc. To me it is menial things but to them its’ getting their life in order.

One day I went home tired doing house work for a senior, as I was driving I asked myself “Have I downgraded myself?” but I found myself in a deeper level, a certain comfort that I can’t explain.
I felt great fulfillment. Forgetting about yourself or your ego is a real care giving. You will know it
in your heart and it is very special because it’s a gift that no one can take away from you……….Joy

Please share us your experience….. Do you think you are a real caregiver?


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