I worked for Ageless for over 2 years now, still work in an assisted living as my regular job. At first I was hesitant to work for agency as I heard they just throw you out in the bus but Ageless has been different experience for me. I can tell that they sincerely care about their client and their staff. They guide me how to take care of my client and encouraged me to always develop a plan of care. They give me positive feedbacks. It’s very rewarding to work for them so I recruited my co workers. We all need to be appreciated. Makes me love my job more.

Testimonial by : Nina CNA
Hayward, Ca.

I can not thank you enough for all the wonderful and extra things you have done for our Mom at the last days of her life. You guys are amazing beyond words…..

Testimonial by : Reyes Family
Castro Valley, Ca

My Mom is 95 year old living alone in Los Gatos, still independent but I don’t trust her driving anymore. I live in San Diego and my other brother lives in NY. Visited her to set up a home care as she does not want to be in assisted living. She would say “rather die than be in one of those facilities”. We shopped for several home care and interviewed several independent care givers but we all agreed to go for Ageless. With their medical background they advocated for my Mom and Joy updated us regularly. Her caregiver, Liz is so wonderful that they develop hobbies together. They are not just business, it is a passion for them. I definitely give them a 5 star or more for all the things they do. Thank you!

Testimonial by : Josh
San Diego, Ca.

My father was diagnosed to have stage 3 pancreatic cancer with metastasis of the brain. He has been bedridden for 2 weeks in the hospital. We decided to bring him home so he can peacefully die at home. I
interviewed several agency that can do hospice care and Ageless stands out. With their medical knowledge I know it will be a right choice. Their caregivers are very caring, compassionate and experience. Scott and Joy visited him regularly, made sure Dad and my Mom felt comfortable. My dad came home smiling, he was able to see the light, read the paper and be with my Mom. We spent a happy thanksgiving and Christmas with him. It was the best decision we ever made.
Thank you Scott, Joy and the whole team of Ageless Home Care for caring and made it easy for all of us
during this hard times….

Testimonial by : Veronica
Walnut Creek., Ca.

I’m on my 90’s and I don’t drive anymore.It’s been a hassle asking my friends to drive me to my appointments so I went to Senior center and I found Ageless.Called them up and explained my needs and they found the right caregiver for me.Anita,my caregiver was mature,caring and knows exactly what I need.I now using them 3 times a week and very happy with their service.

Testimonial by : Carole
Sausalito, Ca.

My husband was in the hospital for long time from complicated heart surgery. He doesn’t want to go to rehabilitation. He thinks he will die if he stays longer to the facility. I spoke to social services and with permission from his MD we were allowed to care for him athome. I’m a bit skeptical and nervous if I can handle the responsibility. The social worker suggested to go with home care. She gave us a list to choose from and we interviewed 3 agencies. We went for Ageless because they seem to have a lot more medical knowledge and they were professional. We asked for 24 hour care for a week.We were happy with Joe and David. They taught me how to prepare medication and side effects. They help me prepare healthy food for my husband, taught him exercises.When I was ready to do it on my own, they still do follow up to make sure we are doing well. Ageless did a wonderful job to me and my husband. My husband is almost 100% recovered and we are looking forward to planning our first trip this year. Thank you Joe, David and the staff of Ageless. Please keep up the good work!

Testimonial by : Norma G.
Walnut Creek

The caregiver we hired bailed at the last minute so I called several agency for my Dad who was in hospice over the weekend and Ageless responded right away and we got Romeo as my Dad’s caregiver. He was compassionate, respectful and caring. It was a sad time for us and we didn’t even get to thank him for a wonderful job!

Testimonial by : Ramona
San Jose, Ca

I have been struggling taking care of my kids and parents. It became overwhelming to a point that I start having physical symptoms. A friend of mind recommended Ageless Home Care Initially, my parents was hesitant on the idea but they’re willing to try. We started out 4 hours twice a week now we are using them 5 days a week. Flo, their caregiver was caring, conscientious and very reliable. She make them lunch, take them to their appointments and walks. She also walk their dog. It gives me feeling of security that someone is taking great care to my parents. Now, I can even take vacation with my kids and husband with peace of mind that my parents are in good hands. Thank you Flo!

Testimonial by : Amanda
Walnut Creek, Ca.

I have been referring client at the last minute, sometimes during holiday weekend. I received several positive feedback from client and their relatives. I find them professional, reliable and dedicated on what they do. Several times they pick up client from the hospital to home. The best thing about them is they keep me updated on the clients which makes it easier for my follow up care.Thank you for job well done Ageless! Hope you continue the great job your doing.

Testimonial by : J. Rudolf, MSW

“My Dad suffered from his second stroke and we needed someone to take care of him. He doesn’t want to be in nursing home. So we look around for caregiver but no one lasted. After the stroke, he became short tempered, gets angry for little things. I called his case manager and he recommended several home care agency. I spoke to Scott from Ageless and he discussed about personality matching and they assigned Mario to take care of him. They hit it off right away. Mario was patient, caring, kind but firm. He encouraged my Dad to get out of the house and meet people. They develop a beautiful friendship. It took us a while to find the right person but it was worth it”.

Testimonial by : Rinna Pleasanton, Ca

“Other than my caregiver sometimes call in sick at the last minute. Their service are phenomenal. I will recommend them to anyone.”

Testimonial by : Shelby Newark, Ca

“I was diagnosed to have cancer and I don’t have any relative around. It was a very scary time in my life. I discussed this with one of the social workers and gave me different options including home care. I looked at different home care but they seem to focused more of seniors then I got a call back from the social worker about Ageless. I spoke to the manager who’s an RN and she was very compassionate and told me that we will get thru this so I went with them. My caregiver, Marybeth was not just there for me when I was having side effects from chemotherapy,she became my advocate when I can’t think straight. I’m so please with the kindness they provided during those time in my life”.

Thank you Ageless!

Testimonial by : Litia Menlo park, Ca.

“Ageless is not just fly by night home care, they really care….”

Testimonial by : Maria S. San, Jose

“I helped my Mom look for a caregiver after her hospitalization since she doesn’t want to be in rehab facility. We tried different caregivers under different company until we meet Donna thru Ageless. She’s very warm, polite, kind and very professional. She’s a graduate RN so she has medical background which makes me and my Mom feel more secure. When Donna took some time off and we need someone to take my Mom to her numerous appointment, Scott or Joy fill in for no additional charge. They visit or call my mom regularly to make sure she’s ok. It gives me a feeling of security that my Mom is being cared for”.

Testimonial by : Allyson Palo, Alto

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