My husband was in the hospital for long time from complicated heart surgery. He doesn’t want to go to rehabilitation. He thinks he will die if he stays longer to the facility. I spoke to social services and with permission from his MD we were allowed to care for him athome. I’m a bit skeptical and nervous if I can handle the responsibility. The social worker suggested to go with home care. She gave us a list to choose from and we interviewed 3 agencies. We went for Ageless because they seem to have a lot more medical knowledge and they were professional. We asked for 24 hour care for a week.We were happy with Joe and David. They taught me how to prepare medication and side effects. They help me prepare healthy food for my husband, taught him exercises.When I was ready to do it on my own, they still do follow up to make sure we are doing well. Ageless did a wonderful job to me and my husband. My husband is almost 100% recovered and we are looking forward to planning our first trip this year. Thank you Joe, David and the staff of Ageless. Please keep up the good work!

Testimonial by Norma G.
Walnut Creek

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