My father was diagnosed to have stage 3 pancreatic cancer with metastasis of the brain. He has been bedridden for 2 weeks in the hospital. We decided to bring him home so he can peacefully die at home. I
interviewed several agency that can do hospice care and Ageless stands out. With their medical knowledge I know it will be a right choice. Their caregivers are very caring, compassionate and experience. Scott and Joy visited him regularly, made sure Dad and my Mom felt comfortable. My dad came home smiling, he was able to see the light, read the paper and be with my Mom. We spent a happy thanksgiving and Christmas with him. It was the best decision we ever made.
Thank you Scott, Joy and the whole team of Ageless Home Care for caring and made it easy for all of us
during this hard times….

Testimonial by Veronica
Walnut Creek., Ca.

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