The most important gift you can give to your family and friends….

The most important gift you can give to your family and friends….

The toughest decision you will ever make is when you don’t know what your love ones wish at the end of their life. It will be the hardest conversation you will ever have but it will liberate you when that time comes. Advance directives or advance health care directives or living will is a legal document that will guide the assigned person to make decision for your health in the event that you are incapacitated and unable to make that decision yourself. This will be a very sensitive topic of conversation but it so important to consider. This will give you the respect you deserve at the end of your life and will reduce family anxiety and distress of decision making. As a health care professional, we run into families that squabble over decision making and most of the time their emotions gets in the way over the individual personal wishes.

Advance health care directive provide a range of health care choices for life- threatening
Illness, cardiac arrest and tube feeding. Individual or proxies could choose different levels of life threatening illness ( from intensive to palliative), nutrition (feeding tube or no feeding tube),
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation or no resuscitation if you are in reversible condition with “acceptable” quality of life or an irreversible condition with “unacceptable” quality of life.
You have the choice to decide your end of life with dignity why not make that choice…

Forms can be downloaded in the internet, available in the hospital or your MD’s office.
Assistance is provided by social worker or any health care professionals….. Ageless will be available for you too….

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